Be@rbrick „KUTANI AWATA YU 400%“

The Medicom Toy Be@rbrick „KUTANI AWATA YU 400%“ is a Be@rbrick hand made in Japan, out of porcelain from the 360 year old Kutani ware. The specialty about the Awata Yu treatment are the small cracks, caused by the difference in shrinking rate after burning and glazing the material.

bearbrick blog 3

bearbrick blog 5 Kopie

NY@Brick „KARIMOKU 400%“

Thanks to a collaboration with the Japanese wooden furniture company Karimoku, this NY@NBRICK has a gorgeous black wooden body. The wood has also been treated to bear the textured appearance created through the traditional uzukuri process.

bearbrick blog 1


Charlie Brown, the lovely Protege from Charles Schultz’s „Peanuts“ Cartoons is back as Be@rbrick version in his classic look, with the well known Yellow/ Black Tee in three different sizes: 1000%, 400% & 100%!

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The Be@rbrick „AROMA ORNAMENT“ is more than a vinyl toy, it is also a handmade ceramic aroma diffuser, which will absorb and diffuse essential oils to fragrance any small space.

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Medicom Toy and Fragment Design come together for some new Tees, including the Bearbrick and the famous Lightning logo.

Bearbrick fragment blog

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